Immigration Appeals

Immigration Appeals Solicitors

Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP has extensive experience in assisting and representing clients on all aspects of immigration and nationality appeals. Appealing immigration decisions is a complex area of law where expert representation is beneficial to increase the chance of a successful outcome.


Right of Appeal


We can often assist clients even where there are no automatic rights of appeal against decisions of the UK Border Agency or British embassies & consulates.

Where there is a right of appeal arising from a decision of the UK Border Agency or an Entry Clearance Officer at a British embassy or consulate abroad, there are usually strict time restrictions within which appeals must be lodged at the Immigration & Asylum Chamber (IAC). Once an immigration appeal is lodged, there will usually be further strict time limits for the preparation and filing of the necessary and the relevant supporting case papers in preparation for the appeal hearing. At Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP, we provide assistance with the whole process of appealing immigration decisions from lodging your appeal against the decision to refuse your immigration application to providing you with expert in-house advocacy at your appeal hearing. We can even represent you at your appeal if you are not based in the UK. Our immigration lawyers can assist with appeals to the Immigration & Asylum Chamber (IAC).

What does our service include?
We provide a thorough and efficient service, we are experts in this field. We will;

- Obtain your immigration file from your previous representative (where applicable) and we will inform the relevant agencies of our involvement in your case.

- Fully prepare all supporting witness statements.

- Provide full advice on the likely prospect of your appeal.

- Provide representation by a specialist immigration solicitor.

- Provide comprehensive advice to our clients in preparation for the appeal.

- A comprehensive argument for the court citing all relevant law, case law and facts.

- A comprehensive indexed and paginated bundle in accordance with courts directions.
- Advising you and your witnesses in preparation for the hearing.

- Ensuring that the UK Border Agency complies with their responsibilities to the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal and any decisions made by the Tribunal.

- In the event of an unsuccessful appeal, we will advise you on the next steps, further appeals including Judicial Review, the merits and costs implications.

If for any reason your immigration appeal case is weak, we will be honest about this. We pride ourselves on a high success rate in immigration appeal cases. We attribute that to our thorough preparation of cases and meticulous assessment of all aspects of your case.

Immigration Fees – How Much Will It Cost?


For details of our fixed fees in respect of immigration matters, please click here.

Free Initial Telephone Consultation


Our highly experienced Immigration solicitors are on hand to help you to understand and make sense of the rules which can be quite daunting. We will submit an accurate application on your behalf and we will ensure that all supporting documents required are in order and correct. We provide a free initial telephone consultation in which we will assess your circumstances, advise you of your options and provide a fixed fee quotation.