Human Rights & Asylum Applications

Experienced Immigration Lawyers

Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP are specialists in Immigration Law. Immigration law is a highly specialised and complex area and it is beneficial to seek legal advice.

We have a team of immigration solicitors who specialise in immigration law and we are here to advise you and guide you through the process. Our level of experience ensures that you will receive the highest possible level of expertise available from the team at Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP. Our solicitors speak various languages including Urdu, Punjabi and Mirpuri.

Refugee & Human Rights Law
Our refugee and human rights law solicitors regularly advise clients on:

- Applying for asylum.

- Human Rights Law.

- Obtaining refugee status, humanitarian protection and discretionary leave.

- Obtaining the right for family to join you in the UK.

- Challenges to Home Office decisions.

- Appeals to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the Tribunals Service.

- Judicial Reviews, appeals to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Immigration Fees – How Much Will It Cost?


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Asylum Applications


Applicants for asylum in the UK must be able to demonstrate a ‘well-founded fear of persecution’ in their home country based on a narrow range of protected characteristics or activities.

It is important to apply for asylum as soon as possible. This might be after you arrive in the UK or if circumstances in your home country change while you are here for another reason.

The asylum process in the UK involves an initial screening interview with UK Visas & Immigration, followed by more detailed interviews and consideration of your case.


We can provide advice on asylum claims and appeals, and on claims to remain on humanitarian or human rights grounds where an asylum claim is not accepted. We advise you on what documents you will need and on how to make your application and follow it up.


We also advise on family reunion applications for refugees and UK residents with discretionary leave to remain.


Our in-depth knowledge and vast experience of Refugee and Human Rights Law allow us to provide a comprehensive assessment of your chances of success in light of current legislation, case law and Home Office policy.

Free Initial Telephone Consultation


Our highly experienced Immigration solicitors are on hand to help you to understand and make sense of the rules which can be quite daunting. We will submit an accurate application on your behalf and we will ensure that all supporting documents required are in order and correct. We provide a free initial telephone consultation in which we will assess your circumstances, advise you of your options and provide a fixed fee quotation.